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What's Next for CBD?

CreateShane HelmPoll
What's Next for CBD?

The Creative by Design community has been growing quickly.  Many have asked, "What's next for Creative by Design?"  As a team, we have been discussing this for awhile, but we recently decided to run an online poll to see how we can serve the community best.

The following are the results of the poll we conducted over a three day period:

  1. Blog & Book 24%
  2. Conference & Meetups 24%
  3. Productivity Tools 0%
  4. All of the above 52%

Today, we are honoring the desire for the community to grow further and to offer more than classes only.  Today we are launching our website and blog.  It is our desire to offer hopeful content on a regular basis that will bless our creative community with encouragement in Christ to create in our day-to-day walk with Him. We hope to create enough content over time that will become a book, if the LORD wills.

In the next week or two, our team will be meeting to discuss a Creative by Design conference.  A lot of planning was done last year to this end, but the timing and logistics were not right.  We are trusting in our Creator's timing for this.  Stay tuned for updates as we plan a this over the coming months.

Thank you for being part of the CBD Community and for sharing your thoughts with us.  We are enjoying getting to know each and every one of you, whether it was at a CBD class, a design conference, or online.  Our desire is to honor our Creator first, and then offering hope to each individual in this community.

Created in Him,